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Humor, Sarcasm, Irony

  • a Math Joke (562)
    Without words.
  • COBOL, the New Age Programming Language (519)
    Note (3-July-2010), by Shlomi Fish.
    I originally planned to prepare a parodical page about COBOL (more parodying the pages of modern languages than COBOL per se) a few years back, but due to some recent developments, it seems that I’ve missed that boat. So here are my notes about COBOL, with a little organisation, just in case it will make you chuckle.
  • Computer Programming Humor (654)
    A collection of one liners, poems, riddles about and on programming.
    The author must have used Cobol in the early years, though I am not sure on the last. Have a smile !
    My favorite: DEC 25 = OCT 31.
  • EBCDIC and the P-Bit (550)
    Read about the P-bit. It's a true story from the sixties. One may wonder how the computer industry survived from this goof. It is also a story about a hardwired code (EBCDIC and the punched card) that looses from a communication code (ASCII in 6-, 7- and 8-bit) by disruption.