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  • More shell, less egg (774)
    On literate Programming. A friendly confrontation of some early computing pioneers with current methodologies. Well written and a must-know.
    The article is reviewed with useful comments by several authors.
  • The 10 Commandments of Logging (804)
    Although the reading aims at Java, C, php, ruby and the alike programmers, it is very, very useful for Cobol programmers. Even when replacing the word "logging" by the word "journaling" does not seem the text to loose its validity. A must-adhere-to for all.
  • The Tao Of Programming (451)
    Published by Kragen Javier Sittler [or Sitaker]. Last edit in 1996.
    A collection of topical issues, decorated with wisdom. Though we would adhere to the advisories, circumstances could set us aside. A must read.
    My favorite: "Great talent shows itself late in life.".